1 Night 2 Days Tour

(Duration calculated Kolkata to Kolkata. Approx. 23 hours onboard)

Day 1

  • Welcome to the most amazing tour of the natural world you have ever taken in this part of the globe. It’s the beginning of getting “Far from the Madding Crowd”. Your pickup will be from Kolkata, West Bengal, which arrives at your location at around 1:55 PM in the form of an AC vehicle.
  • Your road journey begins; initially, you will be traveling through different lanes, alleys, and roads of the city to get on the highway. While traveling through the highway you will realize that slowly, steadily you are leaving the hustling bustling metropolis of Kolkata behind and entering the suburban areas near Kolkata.
  • Traveling further you will observe, suddenly you are out of the urban jungle into an open area, surrounded by greenery as far as your eyes can see. Slowly you will realize that stress on your eyes has reduced with this soothing and comforting view of the green rural Bengal.
  • Further down the road amid this vast greenery, you can see the magnificent mud houses of rural Bengal dotting the landscape.
  • You will reach Godkhali Jetty between 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM, wherein you will board your Houseboat and refreshing Welcome Drinks will be served. You can enjoy the heavenly view of the Sunset in water from your Houseboat.
  • Your Houseboat will leave the jetty for Sajnekhali around – 5:55 PM.
  • En-route to Sajnekhali, you will be served Evening Snacks.
  • Enjoy almost two hours of Night cruise and experience for the first time the night sights and sounds of Sundarban (Outside the forest area) (Introduced for the first time).
  • You will reach Sajnekhali between 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM.
  • You may visit Pakhiralaya (Optional) between 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM, where you can do some shopping in the small island market and make different purchases of souvenirs, honey, local fish, and more.
  • Thereafter your houseboat will cruise to Anchor Point near Pakhiralaya / Sajnekhali and anchor for the night. Here you can enjoy the late evening with a cup of tea/coffee biscuits, watch Sundarban’s documentaries or exclusive Tribal Dance performances by the locals (which is chargeable) between 7:45 PM – 9:30 PM
  • Your dinner will be served between 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM. After you finish your dinner it is time for you to rewind and relax. The sound of water, forest, it’s beauty and power around you, will make your
    sleep epic, exciting, and peaceful.

Day 2

  • If you would like to immerse yourself in divinity, spirituality with Meditation, Yoga, or a Surya Namaskar, you may wake up early by 4.30 AM – 5.30 AM (Depends on the time of the year) to witness a spectacular sunrise. You will literally feel the purity of the air and enjoy very peaceful, calm surroundings. Your hearing will become super sense as you will be able to hear a bird calling crystal clear almost 2 – 3 Km away.
  • Enjoy all this with a cup of tea or coffee in your hand.
  • The cruise will start towardsSajnekhali Watchtower between 7:00 AM – 7:15 AM, while moving beside the Sajnekhali forest you may get lucky and spot some of the splendid wildlife of Sajnekhali forest. At around 7.15 AM – 7.30 AM you will reach Sajnekhali. Here you will visit the Watch Tower,
    Mangrove Interpretation Centre (Sundarban Information Centre), Crocodile Pond, Turtle Pond, etc. and get a feel of the Sundarban forest as to how it looks from the inside.
  • You will depart from Sajnekhali and cruise towards Sudhanyakhali at around 8.15 AM – 8.30 AM.
  • En-route breakfast will be served between 8:30 AM – 8.45 AM.
  • The excitement begins when you cruise amidst the dense Mangrove forest, trying intensely to spot any Royals or other wildlife of this unique delta. Your houseboat goes through the winding narrow channels and creeks to reach the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower between 1.30 PM – 2 PM. En-route around 12.25 PM, you will be served Lunch.
  • There you can spend some quality time touring one of its kind Mangrove Park observing and identifying the different species of mangroves found in Indian Sundarban. Thereafter you will find yourself deeply engrossed in spotting some wildlife from the Watchtower.
  • Once you are back from the Watch Tower, the Houseboat will gradually move out of the forest and start cruising towards Godkhali around 3 PM.
  • Your early Evening Tea / Coffee will be ready for you (self-service) around 3.30 PM while you are enjoying the picturesque scenery and sounds of Sundarban.
  • Evening snacks will be served to you around 3.45 PM.
  • Your Houseboat is scheduled to reach Godkhali between 4.00 PM – 4.30 PM.
  • On reaching Godkhali, you will be boarding the AC Vehicles between4.45 PM – 5.45 PM for your journey back to Kolkata and arriving at your destination drop location between 8:10 PM – 8:40 PM.

For the first time, approximately two hours of Night Cruise on a houseboat in the Sundarban (outside the forest area) has been started.

For the best experience visiting the forest, interiors is recommended. However in case, the guest group is not interested to visit the forest and pay the forest permission charges, then the route will be revised by the Captain based on tidal conditions. (Applicable only in case of private cruise booking)

It is our endeavor to provide you the facilities/ services as mentioned above. However, the company reserves the right to amend the facilities/services/ route without prior notice based on tide, time, or otherwise.

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