Sundarban Houseboat

We’re trailblazers in this majestic delta.

Proud to be the first to introduce:

The enchanting Houseboat experience in Sundarbans. Made Sundarbans an all-season destination. We blended modern comforts with authentic Sundarban Houseboat tour rustic adventures.
We created the ultimate water safari – stay afloat and immerse in the thrill!
We introduced Night Cruise




just before sunset photo taken by guests from deck, who had come for Sundarban Houseboat tour. The image also has rare birds found in Sundarban National Park
Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban walking gracefully. Image taken by guests onboard Sundarban Houseboat Tour
Rare bird of Sundarban National Park sitting in a Mangrove tree branch. Zoomed image taken by guests of Sundarban Houseboat Tour
Arial image of a serpentine creek inside the Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Embark on an unforgettable Sundarban Houseboat Tour through the world’s largest mangrove forest of Sundarbans in Sundarban Houseboat. Experience the seamless blend of luxury and nature on the waters of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, aboard our premium houseboats. Designed for a rustic feel with a blend of utmost comfort and relaxation. Our houseboats provide a hassle-free, rustic experience amidst the secretive Sundarban mangroves, ensuring a memorable stay that ensures your deep engagement with the nature.

Super deluxe room of Sundarban Houseboat which can accommodate 6 guests who come for Sundarban Houseboat tour, in beds and bunk beds which can be modified as per guest requirement
Beanbags in front deck of Sundarban Houseboat where guest who come for Sundarban Houseboat Tour may sit and enjoy the breeze

Discover the Sunderban Delta’s breathtaking natural beauty, Mother Nature’s magnificent creation. Our Sundarban Houseboat tour packages offer an exclusive opportunity to witness this spectacular landscape.

A journey to explore the stunning mangrove forests of Sundarban, creating memories of a lifetime in the unique ecosystem and rich biodiversity of this extraordinary place.

Experience the beauty of glorious sunrises and sunsets in the Sundarbans from the deck of our Sundarban Houseboat.

Our Sunderban Houseboat Tour cruise offers an immersive feel of these mesmerizing spectacles.

Sunset photo in Sundarban National Park taken by a guest during their tour in Sundarban Houseboat

Discover the mangrove jungles of Sundarban!

ANYTIME is the best time to visit in Sundarban Houseboat. The only True All Season Air Conditioned Houseboat in Sunderban Biosphere Reserve and Sunderban Tiger Reserve.
For the guests who love calm and comfortable tour- October to March
– For the guests who need adrenaline rush- April to September

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