Arial image of a serpentine creek inside the Sundarban Mangrove Forest

First time in Sundarban National Park, budget friendly tours without a compromise in quality

For the first time in Sundarban National Park and Sundarban Tiger Reserve, we present to you Sundarban Houseboat Max Adventures, specially designed to give you the best in its class amenities and services and that too with pocket friendly fares without compromising on the quality for creating a memory of a lifetime for you.

Relish your senses with the most unique flora and fauna of Sundarban National Park in a perfect harmony with each other

Explore the charming and picturesque views of the worlds most gorgeous and largest mangrove forest in Sundarban National Park, with an iconic best in its class houseboat which is designed to be environment friendly and to provide you a comfortable, safe and budget friendly experience with its state of the art solar power system.

Explore a truly magnificent creation of mother nature

Max adventures offers you a stunning and incomparable experience of the serenity and tranquillity of serene waterways of Sundarban National Park along with a comfortable and hassle free stay on a houseboat which gives you an experience that you can never ever forget with best in its class safety and security arrangements.

Be with the heart of Sundarban Ecotourism

Enjoy the magnificence of the breath taking sunrises and sunsets from the river along the waterways along the virgin and mysterious forests of Sundarban National Park with our experienced crew who strive to not only provide you safety but also great hospitality and service along with the stories unraveling the mysteries of Sundarban Ecotourism.

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