Discover the serene beauty of the Sundarban location with Sundarban Houseboat, where nature’s tranquillity meets luxury and comfort.

Our premium houseboats, nestled in the heart of the Sunderban Delta provide a stay which becomes unforgettable experience. Designed with the comfort and well-being in mind, each houseboat is a gateway to the amazing forest of Sundarban, offering seamless blend of relaxation and rustic adventure.

Blend yourself in the Sunderban Biosphere Reserve with Sundarban Houseboat.

Our crew are all locals, who are not just committed to your safety but also provide local hospitality onboard. You will explore the Sunderban Tiger Reserve with a dedicated team who will blend you to the wonders of this unique ecosystem.

Witness the truly magnificent Sundarban Mangroves, a unique creation of nature.

Exploring the world’s most gorgeous and distinct mangrove forest, which is part of the Sundarbans National Park unique speciality. This incomparable experience stays with you for a lifetime. Witness the seamless blend of unique and rare flora and fauna in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore the most unique ecosystem on Earth in the Sundarban Tour Package.

Here you get to witness the ostentatious display of a plethora of the most peculiar flora and fauna; all co-habiting amidst this natural wonder. As part of Sundarban Cruise you will know why it’s a glorious World Heritage Site that makes for an exotic abode to 260 species of birds, over 120 species of fish, 8 species of amphibians and 50 reptiles. A rarest of a rare visual treat!

Relish your vision with unique flora and fauna in perfect harmony with each other aboard the Sundarban Houseboat.

Because this magnificent expanse where Sundarbans is located boasts of luscious mangroves forests, majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, and ginormous crocodiles which makes Sundarban Tiger Reserve, the only one of its kind in the whole world!

Extraordinarily beautiful sunrises and sunsets unique to Sundarban Delta.

Aboard the Sundarban Houseboat you witness the event as if you are part of the stunning Sundarban ecosystem. This makes it all the more breathtaking view which is unique to Sundarban National Park, West Bengal. Not to mention the exceptional backdrop of seeing it alongside jungle’s waterways.

Best value for your hard-earned money with Sundarban Cruise.

Because we at Sundarban Houseboat not only promise to make every ounce of your experience exemplary but also keep our promise to preserving the beauty of Sunderban Biosphere Reserve by ensuring minimal air, water, and sound pollution.

Safety along with all amenities at its best.

Because we at Sundarban Houseboat are all about adventure, great comfort alongside safety. We have the safest watercraft in Sunderban Tiger Reserve – M.V Whispering Winds, a government-approved vessel. The rustic vessel comes with amenities like 24×7 electricity, LED Televisions, smartly furnished AC Rooms with attached bathrooms, freshly cooked exotic meals on board by our fine chefs, in the heart of the Sundarbans.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the Sundarban Houseboat.

In the midst of the Sundarban Mangroves, you’ll find the perfect setting. This pollution-free air of the Sunderban Biosphere Reserve cleanse and refresh you. Our houseboat offers the ideal escape for those seeking peace and a connection with nature.

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