Journey of Mystery and Revelation: Sundarban Houseboat Adventure

(1 Night & 2 Days)

(Duration calculated Kolkata to Kolkata. Approx. 23 hours Afloat!)


Welcome to the heart of the Sundarbans, where we pioneer the enchanting Sundarban houseboat adventure, making this majestic delta an all-season destination. Our houseboats offer a seamless blend of modern comforts with authentic Sundarban rustic adventures. Moreover, they provide the ultimate water safari – stay afloat and immerse in the thrill, particularly during the night cruise.

Day 1: Kolkata’s Pulse to Sundarban’s Serenity

Morning Energy in Kolkata: Begin your journey with the anticipation of an unforgettable Sundarban tour. Pack your essentials for a transformative experience from Kolkata’s energetic vibe to the tranquil embrace of Godkhali, where the sounds of the city give way to the lush greenery and quaint mud houses of the Sundarban forest.

Afternoon Transition: A comfortable AC ride will transport you to the gateway of your Sundarban adventure. As you transition from the afternoon hustle to the evening calm, the journey promises a soothing experience.

Thoughtful Evening Soothe: Board your houseboat at Godkhali Jetty by 5:00 PM. The evening and night cruise are designed to rejuvenate you after the road journey. With welcome drinks, witness the sunset and sail to Gosaba, taking in the Sundarban mangroves and the possibility of a detour to historical sites.

Night Charm: The night cruise enhances the mystery and anticipation of the Sundarbans. Anchor near Sajnekhali and explore Pakhiralaya’s market for local treasures. Engage in cultural activities or documentaries that introduce you to the Sundarban national park. Enjoy dinner and the unique experience of being cradled to sleep by the gentle sway of the houseboat.

Day 2: The Majestic Reveal of Sundarbans

Dawn’s Magic: Awaken to a breath taking sunrise from the deck of your houseboat. As the day begins, the first rays illuminate not only the horizon but also your entire experience, thereby revealing the Sundarban’s beauty.

Day’s Exploration: Visit the Sajnekhali Watchtower and the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, enriching your understanding of this unique ecosystem. Breakfast on the move sets the stage for a day filled with wildlife sightings and mangrove explorations.

Afternoon Wonders: Navigate through dense mangroves, hoping to spot the royal Bengal tiger. First, enjoy a fulfilling lunch, and then proceed to visit the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, a highlight of your Sundarban tour package.

Evening Recollections: Reflect on your journey as you drift back to Godkhali. The return trip under the stars allows you to relive the magic, deeply embedding the wonders of the Sundarbans in your heart and soul.

This meticulously planned Sundarban houseboat adventure ensures relaxation, exclusive sunrise unveilings, and a thrilling, rejuvenating experience. Moreover, it’s a journey that engages the soul, offering a symphony of sights and sensations uniquely accessible only aboard Sundarban Houseboat.

Let the adventure begin! ????


While we strive to provide the facilities/services as described, it is important to note that the company reserves the right to amend, modify, or change the facilities, services, or route. However, any such changes will only be made without prior notice due to factors such as tide, time, or other unforeseen circumstances.

* This is an abridged itinerary optimised for website use. For detailed itinerary kindly CONTACT US.

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