Sundarban Tour Package: 3-Day Houseboat Expedition Adventure

(2 Nights & 3 Days)

(Duration calculated from Kolkata to Kolkata. Approx. 47 hours Afloat!)

We’re trailblazers in this majestic delta, proud to be the first to introduce:

  • The enchanting Houseboat experience.
  • Making Sundarbans an all-season destination.
  • A seamless blend of modern comforts with authentic Sundarban rustic adventures.
  • The ultimate water safari – stay afloat and immerse in the thrill!
  • Night Cruise.
Embark on an unforgettable Sundarban tour package adventure with our exclusive itinerary.

Day 1: Embrace the Serenity of Sundarbans with Our Houseboat Tour Package.

Morning Energy in Kolkata:

Rise and shine, filling you with anticipation for the Sundarban tour package adventure. Pack your essentials (we’ll send you a friendly reminder about some weather-specific items the day before).

Afternoon Transition:

Post-lunch, between 1:00 PM – 1:55 PM, a comfy AC ride awaits at your doorstep to transport you from Kolkata’s energetic vibe to the tranquil surroundings of Godkhali. As the city sounds fade, anticipate the embrace of the countryside, with its lush Sundarban mangroves and quaint mud houses.

Evening Peace to Consider:

By 5:00 PM, you will disembark at Godkhali and board your houseboat. Understanding that traveling can be exhausting, the evening and night cruise are designed to rejuvenate you. With a welcome drink in hand, marvel at the sunset and head to Gosaba with a glimpse of Sundarban mangroves. If interested, take a short tour to marvel at Hamilton’s iconic bungalow (a 5 min walk from the jetty) or Rabindranath Tagore’s iconic house.

Night Attractions:

Departing again at 5:55 PM, the night around us acts as a gentle curtain, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the comforts of the houseboat. This also keeps the Sundarbans under wraps. By 8:00 PM, reach near Sajnekhali. If you wish, explore Pakhiralaya’s market for local items. As the night deepens, anchor near Pakhiralaya/Sajnekhali. Maybe explore a tribal dance show or get acquainted with the Sundarbans by watching some documentaries. Relish your dinner by 10:00 PM and immerse yourself in an exclusive nocturnal experience only a houseboat can offer. Unlike any stationary habitat, the houseboat breathes and rhythms with the whispers of nature. Observe the stars as they reflect off the water’s surface, feel yourself being cradled to sleep by the gentle rolling of small waves against the houseboat, and allow the distant forest sounds to be your soothing lullaby.

Day 2: Sundarban Tour Package – Odyssey of the Wild Wonders

Sunrise Magic:

Between 4:45 AM – 5:45 AM, wake up refreshed, ready for the day’s wonders. Witness the sunrise from the houseboat like no other. Not from behind a window or from a balcony but as part of an open tapestry of nature. That first ray of sunshine doesn’t just light up the sky; it reflects your experience itself. As the beautiful Sundarban forests reveal their breathtaking beauty with the first rays of the sun, your revitalized senses, paired with the orchestra of nature and the relaxing ambiance of this deliberate morning view from the deck of the houseboat, make it more enchanting.

Exploring the Day:

Cruise to the Sajnekhali watchtower by 7:15 AM. See unique wildlife and visit the Mangrove Interpretation Centre. At 8:30 AM, the houseboat sails again, and breakfast is served.

The Mystery Begins:

As another day progresses, we are led into the mysterious Dobanki, the southernmost part of the Sanctuary Zone. Here, where the serene core of the forest begins, expect your trip to take a turn from exotic to extraordinary.

Journey Through the Forest:

This day is dedicated to exploring the heart of the Sundarban National Park. Slide through a maze of mangrove-lined channels – some wide and welcoming, others narrow and hidden. Every shadow and rustle in these channels teases the possibility of an elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, turning even the rustling of hental leaves into an intriguing mystery.

Canopy Walk in Dobanki:

Once you reach Dobanki, a trail awaits you high above the forest floor. The Canopy Walk, spanning 400 to 500 meters, offers panoramic views of this lush Sunderban Biosphere Reserve.

Sailing Through Nature’s Labyrinth:

The journey continues through stunning islands and bays, each with its own name and story. From the mystical Ghazi Khali to the mythical waters of Banobibi Bharali and Chora Ghazi Khali, every turn holds promise. And Panchamukhani? Here, five rivers come together in a wonderful dance. Every moment is an opportunity to experience the wild wonders which is exclusive charm of Sundarban tourism, especially the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger.

Jharkhali Watchtower – A Tidal Surprise:

If the tides are in our favour, we’ll visit the Jharkhali Watchtower. From here, witness the interplay of nature and wildlife in a setting that is both tranquil and thrilling.

An Enchanted Evening Aboard the Sundarban Houseboat:

Stepping out of the verdant wilderness at around 4:00 – 5:30 PM, two inviting paths are available. One leads through the rustic lanes of Dayapur Island, and the other through the attractions of Pakhiralaya village. It’s not just a normal village tour; it’s an exploration of the rich culture of the land.

After returning and settling in on the upper deck, the evening offers a variety of choices. Evening snacks with hot tea or coffee will be served by 7:00 PM. While some people find solace in reading a book, others actively engage in a game of carrom. Alternatively, many enjoy spending a night conversing with a loved one, basking in the cool, flowing breeze, or they might immerse themselves in lively discussions about the day’s hot topics.

Dinner is served under a canopy of stars before 10:00 PM. And as you dine, you are enveloped in the magic of the unique houseboat. This overnight stay on a houseboat is a natural embrace for you. The reflection of the stars in the water, the gentle sway of the houseboat, and the sounds of the forest, perhaps from a distance, all appear like a lullaby. This will make you fall asleep, with your heartbeat synced with the forest of Sundarbans.

Day 3: Sundarban Tour Package – Odyssey of the Wild Wonders

Morning’s Promise Revisited:

As you wake up between 4:45 AM and 5:45 AM, you are greeted by the gentle knock of another day. Significantly, this morning’s unveiling, although widely anticipated, turns out to be exceptionally memorable. It feels akin to meeting an old friend again. On one hand, the experience is familiar, yet on the other, the Sundarban Delta’s landscape astounds with its splendour. Furthermore, the first sunlight does more than illuminate; it actively reaffirms the bond you formed yesterday with these waters, trees, and sounds. Concurrently, the houseboat’s engine hums softly, and you sip your morning brew. In the background, the sky, painting itself in smooth shades, not only promises another day but also subtly whispers of eternal continuity and our intrinsic connection with it.

This isn’t just a morning; it’s a renaissance of your senses, deepened by familiarity and anticipation. As you stand on the deck, the world is not just unveiling itself; it’s celebrating its ongoing connection with you.

Day’s Exploration:

Your houseboat glides towards the Sajnekhali Watchtower at 7:15 AM for brief official formalities. It’s not just an adventure; it’s a new chapter in your quest to explore the Sundarban saga. Keep your eyes alert for the forest’s active royal inhabitants, like the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger or maybe the Water Monitor Lizard, as if making an appearance just for you. Set your soul on a course of exploration and surprise, as you sail towards the day’s adventures at Sudhanyakhali. As the houseboat navigates the serene waters, a satisfying breakfast awaits at 8:30 AM.

Afternoon Wonders:

Glide through dense mangroves in your Sundarban Cruise, hoping to glimpse Sundarban’s royal inhabitants. A delightful lunch is served around 12:25 PM. The Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower promises unique sights, making each moment worthwhile.

Evening Recollections:

As 3 PM approaches, drift back to Godkhali, reflecting on the tour and savouring snacks. By 4:00 PM, Godkhali greets you again, and your journey back to Kolkata begins. We’ve thoughtfully set this return under the cover of night, giving you space to relive the magic, allowing the wonders of Sundarbans to sink in deeply. Arrive in the city by 8:00 PM, heart and soul enriched.

We’ve meticulously planned every phase of this Sundarban ecotourism adventure. By carefully ensuring post-tour relaxation, your Sundarban tour package seamlessly promises an unforgettable experience that rejuvenates and thrills.

Let the adventure begin! ????


Sundarban Houseboat & Associates strive to provide the facilities and services as described above. Please be aware that the company and its associates actively maintain the flexibility to adjust facilities, services, or routes. These changes, necessary for reasons like tide variations, time constraints, safety considerations, or unforeseen events, may be made without prior notice.

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