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The Sundarban Delta is famous for its huge role in environmental conservation and scenic beauty. Giving shelter to the world’s largest mangrove forest, the forest also shelters a lot of endangered and unique animals and birds. And it will be a great loss if one misses travelling to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Furthermore, the forest is interconnected with rivers and canals, making the delta accessible by boat.

Therefore, if you want to go on the Sundarban trip, boarding a houseboat will be the best option. Here, we have organized a 3 day 2 night Kolkata to Sundarban trip, which is ideal for a small weekend getaway.


Sundarban Travel Itinerary: View From Sundarban Houseboat


The 3 days 2 nights Kolkata to sundarban trip with Sundarban houseboat services is in demand due to its extraordinary uniqueness. The houseboats are built with traditional wooden frames and structures. The wooden frames give your trip a vacation feel, whereas the amenities within the houseboats will make you feel at home. The houseboats consist of cabins with double beds in all with western toilets and the best views of the Sundarban. The upper deck of the houseboat has a sitting area from which you will get a picturesque view of the Sundarban.


Day 1


The Sundarban tour will start from Kolkata by boarding the AC vehicle, and the journey towards Godkhali Jetty will take 4 hours. You will board the houseboat around 6 in the evening. Once you settle down in your cabin, you can freshen up and enjoy your evening snacks while the boat sails towards the Sajnekhali Watch Tower. 

By 8 p.m., you will reach the Sajnekhali watch tower. There, you can spend the evening walking and shopping. You can also visit the Sundarban Pakhiralaya. There will be no rush to visit it, as you will be staying here in the boathouse. If you want, you can also visit the tribal dance performances by the local villagers. 

The dinner will be available by 10 P.M. After that, you can spend the night in your cabin or experience the calm and windy weather of Sundarban from the deck.


Day 2


Nothing can beat the feeling of nature connecting with your soul. So, if you want to experience that peaceful activity, you can join the yoga or meditation session early in the morning. After the yoga session, you will be served tea or coffee of your choice, and the boat will take you towards Sajnekhali. And if you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of some exotic birds flying towards the forest. 

Around 9 a.m., you will get breakfast, and by then you will reach the south of Dobanki, from where the core forest starts. In Dobanki, you will go for the canopy walk. Apart from that, we will pass several islands, like Panchmukhani and Pirkhali to explore the flora and fauna of the Sundarban. 

You will also visit the Jharkhali watchtower if we can obtain tide permits. As we sail through the canals and islands, you will see unique birds, crocodiles, Gangetic river dolphins, and the great Sundarban Royal Bengal tiger. 

Day 2 will come to an end by returning to the Pakhiralaya for anchoring. During your free time, you can explore the local markets for shopping, try some local seasonal dishes, and watch the tribal dance. Upon return to the houseboat, you will be served dinner and rest for the night.


Day 3


On the third day of your Sundarban tour package, you will visit the Sundarban National Park. You will visit the crocodile and turtle ponds. You can also see some large, poisonous reptiles that are hard to see in cities because of the dense forest that surrounds you. 

As the day passes, you will start your journey back to Kolkata. While you enjoy local delicacies on your Sundarban lunch platter, we will take you back to the Godkhali Jetty. Around 5 p.m., you will return to the Godkhali Jetty to return to Kolkata.



The Sundarban Delta, with its remarkable environmental conservation efforts and breathtaking natural beauty, is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. Home to the world’s largest mangrove forest and a diverse range of endangered animals and birds, the Sundarbans offers a unique and memorable experience. Exploring the delta by boarding a houseboat is the perfect way to immerse yourself in its tranquility and charm. The 3-day, 2-night Kolkata to Sundarban trip, featuring Sundarban houseboat services, provides an ideal weekend getaway for those seeking a memorable adventure.




How do I reach the Sundarban Delta from Kolkata?

The Sundarban Delta can be reached by boarding an AC vehicle from Kolkata, which will take approximately 4 hours to reach Godkhali Jetty. From there, you can board a houseboat to explore the delta.


What are the accommodations like on the houseboat?

The houseboats in Sundarban are built with traditional wooden frames and offer a vacation-like atmosphere. The cabins feature double beds, western toilets, and provide the best views of the Sundarban. There is also an upper deck with a sitting area that offers picturesque views.


What activities are included in the itinerary?

The itinerary includes various activities such as visiting the Sajnekhali Watch Tower, exploring the Sundarban Pakhiralaya, experiencing tribal dance performances, participating in yoga or meditation sessions, going for a canopy walk in Dobanki, and visiting the Jharkhali watchtower. You will also have opportunities to spot exotic birds, crocodiles, Gangetic river dolphins, and the Royal Bengal tiger.


What can I expect in terms of dining?

The houseboat provides meals throughout the trip, including evening snacks, dinner, breakfast, and lunch. You can enjoy local delicacies and seasonal dishes during your stay in Sundarban.


How do I visit the Sundarban National Park?

On the third day of the trip, you will visit the Sundarban National Park, where you can explore the crocodile and turtle ponds and observe various reptiles in their natural habitat. The dense forest surrounding the park provides a unique opportunity to encounter these creatures.


What is the return journey like?

After visiting the Sundarban National Park, you will embark on your journey back to Kolkata. While enjoying local delicacies for lunch, the houseboat will take you back to the Godkhali Jetty, and from there, you will return to Kolkata.


Is shopping available during the trip?

Yes, there are opportunities for shopping in Sundarban. You can explore the local markets during your free time and find unique souvenirs or local handicrafts to take back home.


How can I book the Kolkata to Sundarban trip?

To book the Kolkata to Sundarban trip with Sundarban houseboat services, you can contact the organizers or visit their website for more information and reservations.

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