Weekend Getaway From Kolkata To Sundarban- One Day tour

The mind will ask for some days away from the regular crowd. But the brain will stop you from leaving your metropolitan lifestyle. However, with Sundarban Houseboat by your side, you can easily recharge your soul with a one day tour from Kolkata to Sundarban. 

We understand the need to work and responsibilities. But we are also keen on making your weekend adventurous yet relaxing. In the relaxation matter, what can be more appealing than our sundarban tour package from Kolkata? 


One Day Tour Itinerary From Kolkata To Sundarban

The one day sundarban tour is well planned and you have nothing to worry about. We will arrange your pickup from Kolkata at 06:00 A.M via an AC vehicle and arrive at the Godkhali Jetty around 09:00 A:M. If you don’t want to avail of the AC vehicle, you can choose as you want. At Godkhali Jetty, you will board our houseboat. 


Upon boarding, we will receive you with a welcome drink and depart for the Sajnekhali Watch Tower in Sundarban within half an hour. 

As you sail through the river, you will get your breakfast. Amidst the morning breeze, the chirping sounds of local exotic birds, and picturesque Sundarban will enchant your soul. As you sail towards the Sajnekahli Watchtower, the houseboat will pass the JalerGhat, a fresh water-filling point at the confluence of the channel Durga Doaniya and Gomadi River. We will fill our houseboat tank if required and you can take a look around this area. 


On the way to the Sajnekhali watch tower, you will see a lot of birds such as Mangrove Whistler, Small Minivet, Western Yellow Wagtail, different species of Kingfishers, Asian Openbill, and many more. 

As you enjoy the scenic beauty, we will reach Sajnekhali Watch Tower within 11:30 A.M. Here, you will visit the watch tower and test your luck to spot the great Royal Bengal Tiger. Even if you don’t get lucky, you can see the Mangrove Interpretation Centre (Sundarban Information Centre), Crocodile Pond, Turtle Pond, etc. At this point, you will start to enjoy your sundarban trip. From here, the sundarban forest will become dense and you will get the actual feel of the forest. 


Once, you are done roaming around the watch tower, you will board the Sunderban houseboat and sail towards the next destination; Sundarban Mangrove Forest. What you have read in books and images will be in front of you. The famous Kalo Baine, Jat Baine, Peara Baine, Genwa, Garjan, Hental, Bhara, etc. as these places are clean and devoid of any pollution, you will feel the freshness in the air through the winding creeks and channels. 


Your Excitement will reach another peak when you spot the Royal Bengal Tiger sipping water from the banks as you sail through the river. You will also spot massive saltwater crocodiles of the Sundarban Delta taking a sunbath on the river banks. As you try to calm your excitement, we will serve you lunch around 12:25 P.M. Our houseboat will reach the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower around 2 P.M. 


At Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, you will spot different halophytic plants in Mangrove Park. you can buy local handicrafts from the village, collect raw 100% organic honey, and get freshly caught fish from the fishermen directly. You can also get the fish and prawns cooked by the villagers. As you spend your time exploring the watchtower in Sundarban, we will remind you of your return to Kolkata.  Near about 03:00 P.M., we will start our journey back to the Godkhali Jetty. 


While returning, you will get the tea or coffee of your choice. We know that an individual’s beverage taste differs, so we offer self-service. Anyways, as you enjoy the afternoon tea by the deck and capture the sunset, we will bring evening snacks around 03:45 P.M. 


Your Sundarban trip from Kolkata will be complete once we drop you safely to Kolkata. So, upon reaching Godkhali Jetty around 04:30 P.M. You will board the predetermined vehicle of your choice and start your journey towards Kolkata. You will be dropped at your location within 09:00 P.M.


During your time with us, we at Sundarban Houseboat will try our best to serve you a comfortable journey. If you are travelling in a large group, you can contact us to get your sundarban tour package customised. However, we have to check if the boat captain is available for the plan or not. Nevertheless the plan, we will make sure you are fully satisfied with Sundarban’s short trip near Kolkata for 1 day. 


So, get in touch with us to get the best deals on Sundarban tourism through our given contact details. Our team will get back to you as early as possible and guide you with the best deal. 

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