Unveiling the Mysteries of Sundarban: Wildlife, Rivers, and Serenity

Welcome to Sundarban Houseboat, your getaway organiser to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We help you experience the best of Sundarban where nature’s wonders and tranquillity lie together. However, today we will be talking about the serenity of Sundarban through our eyes and the knowledge we have gained over the years of servicing.


Origin of the Name Sundarban


The mesmerizing ecosystem nestled in the heart of the Indian subcontinent is a place of untamed wilderness, and exotic wildlife, where rivers intertwine to create a mesmerizing backdrop. And such a nice forest is meant to be named Sundarban as Sundar means beautiful and Ban means forest. So, it is natural to get enthralled by the beauty and serenity of this unique destination. And as an avid traveller and resident of Sundarban, it is our responsibility to make you aware of this beautiful place and uncover the secrets that lie within the deep forest.


Major Attractions of Sundarban 


The Sundarban did not become the World’s largest Mangrove Forest randomly. It has undiscovered areas with rich biodiversity, more than 300 bird species, cultural richness, and meandering river bodies. So, leaving the place untouched will be such a bad decision.

However, our tour packages are designed in such a way that you can plan the Kolkata to sundarban tour for one day to one week. And do you know that even after spending the entire week in Sundarban, you are unable to travel the entire forest?


  • Rich Biodiversity 

Sundarban is a treasure trove of rich biodiversity, where nature’s diversity unfolds in all its glory. With its sprawling mangrove forests, the region nurtures a delicate ecosystem that supports an abundance of flora and fauna. From the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and playful dolphins to rare bird species and elusive reptiles, Sundarban is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The lush greenery of Sundarban National Park is a habitat for numerous plant species. Sundarban’s biodiversity is a testament to the awe-inspiring wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.


  • Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger, an iconic symbol of power and grace, reigns supreme in the Sundarban forest. With its distinctive stripes and piercing eyes, this elusive predator commands both fear and awe. The Sundarban is home to one of the largest populations of these majestic creatures, offering a rare opportunity to witness their magnificence up close. Since the time we started our Sundarban tour booking, we have seen the tigers on the river bank. And we cannot help but get excited to show you the same. So, get in touch with us to plan a Sundarban tour and spot the massive tiger from our houseboat.


  • Birdwatching 

Sundarban is the home of more than 300 bird species with numerous seasonal nomadic birds. Therefore, it is natural to spot different bird species throughout the year. And you don’t have to think about any particular season to see birds. You will be surprised to spot 5 types of kingfishers in a single day. Hence, if you are a birdwatcher, travelling to the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is a must to visit place.

  • River Safari

Coming to the river safari, you will need a boat to sail through the rivers and spot wild animals. But, what we have for you is entirely different. Our houseboats are not just for safari but for a staycation as well. So, you can spot the saltwater crocodiles, Gangetic dolphins, and deer, including the Bengal tiger all from the houseboat.


  • Cultural Heritage 

The famous goddess, Bonobibi temple is in Sundarban, and the Netidhopani ghat has a connection to the folklore of Behula and Lakhinder. Apart from that, the cultural festivals of Sundarban will keep you rooted in our culture. Even the foods in Sundarban have a touch of simplicity. So, if you are looking for the best foods that connect you to your culture, booking our Sundarban tourism package will be the best way.


As a tour organizer and resident of Sundarban, we would love to put forward scenic beauty and tourism in the best way possible. So, get in touch with us to book your tour of the largest Mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans.

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