Watch Phytoplanktons Glow At Night: Sundarban Night Safari

There are hardly a few people who do not like; oops love—travelling. And when the entire world is coming to our country for Sundarban, would you not like to visit the place? 

Wait a minute.

Search on the web with – Sundarban is famous for? And check the shown results. You will get to know that the Sundarban is the largest Mangrove forest in the world. You will also learn that the great Royal Bengal Tiger is abundant here. Well. This is the general information that most people know. But, what if we tell you that there is an entire bioluminescent beach in Sundarban?

The bioluminescence of the phytoplankton happens for a reason. The light varies from blue or green depending on the habitat. However, phytoplanktons in Sundarban mostly glow in bluish-green light.  Even though the colours are visibly better in the deep ocean. The phyto[planktons in Sundarban glow when they are disturbed. Therefore, on your Sundarban trip, you must visit the beach for a night of sundarban safari. Walking by the beach and observing them glow is like a time-time experience. 

You can get the best of Sundarban with a sundarban houseboat with quality travelling for a lifetime experience. Also, our houseboats are premium which include different types of facilities. We have a pre-planned sundarban tour package that covers most of the sundarban, including the bioluminescent beach. However, we are open to suggestions. You can contact us and share your travelling requirements with our tour operators. We will do our best to arrange the best Sundarban trip for you. 

We have tour packages depending on the days. We can assure you that a safari with us on a houseboat will not disappoint you. Now check out our tour packages and choose your preferred package.


  • 3 nights 4 days


For a complete Sundarban travel, you can choose the 3 nights 4 days package. We offer our services from Kolkata to sundarban. However,k if you want you can start your journey from the houseboat as well. During this trip, you will go on a boat safari through the canals and rivers, watch river dolphins, and different types of birds, including migratory birds, crocodiles, Chital and spotted deer, Olive RIdley Turtles, and a wide range of mangrove flora and fauna. Amidst these all, if you are lucky, you will also get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger. 3 nights are enough to take you to the beach and watch phytoplanktons glow as well. 


  • 2 nights 3 days 


Our 2 nights 3 days plan is also effective for a short trip. The houseboats will take you to the different watchtowers for spotting wildlife. However, your time will be restricted and staying by the beach may not be possible for you. However, you can contact us personally for a specific tour plan. 


  • 1 night 2 day


The best weekend getaway from Kolkata to Sundarban can be obtained with our 1 night 2 days package. So, if you are specific about the sundarban safari at night, it might be difficult for you. However, if the Royal Bengal Tiger is not your priority, we can plan a trip to the glowing beach. 


  • 1-day tour 


Experiencing the glowing beach in Sundarban on your 1-day tour will be tough, but you can contact us personally for a particular plan. We will see what our tour planners can do. Usually, on the night of a full moon, you will get the best view of phytoplankton glowing on water. So, you can check out the time with us and let us see what we can arrange.

Sundarban houseboat aims to make the best of your sundarban travel experience. So, we will put our best interest in arranging a trip to the bioluminescent beach.

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